Human Design Reading  |  $222

Includes 60 minute zoom session, Customized HD blueprint, and personalized follow-up.

What you’ll learn:

☾ Deep Dive into your HD Energy Type and what it means to be a Generator, MG, Projector, Reflector, or Manifestor.

☾ Your Human Design Profile and how this influences your learning style, personality characteristics, your work & relationships and the themes that show up in your life.


☾ Understanding your Authority and how to use it to make decisions with ease.

☾ Understanding your Defined and Undefined Energy Centers.

☾ What energy do you have consistent access to? Where are you taking in other people's energy? Where are you prone to conditioning?

☾  You will leave understanding your unique gifts, intuition and how to create more ease in your life

☾ Deciphering your chart within the context of business, love, relationships or a specific area of inquiry


☾ A detailed and customized HD 5-10 page blueprint with further explanation and inquiry based on your unique energetics


**Most clients start with a one-time Foundational Human Design reading.

From there, you have the option to book ongoing holistic coaching sessions with me where we tie in human design, visualization practices, cyclical & seasonal living, your body constitution, eastern medicine and so much more.